E-Learning Emergence

Self-Learning or E-learning has emerged to be one of the most efficient solutions for self-development especially with the outbreak of COVID-19, people are leaning more towards learning on the internet rather than following the classic academic path that may require years in order to complete it. Digital Marketing and coding skills matter now more than ever,mainly because most if not all businesses in different fields now rely on Marketing their products and services digitally.

In order to acquire such skills remotely, learners are in need of a structured platform or website that provides a wide variety of courses available at any given time of the day, and in different shapes, whether it’s a written course, or an excel file, or a recorded video. Without neglecting the ability of the website to allow their trainees to apply what they’ve learned, such as SEO, Data Analysis, CMS Web Design, running social media campaigns, Software/web development… and rewarding the learners finally by handing Accredited Professional Certificates that will allow them to start their career path. Many websites now arrange such E-Learning experiences, we can list as example Coursera, Udemy, Udacity…

Morocco is also on the verge of having such sites, with the launch of the new Copilote.ma platform which will present the concept of e-learning to the public.

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